3 Advantages of Tyvek Race Bibs


Tyvek is a material most people associate with house wrap and document packaging. Developed by DuPoint, Tyvek has a wide variety of uses, but one use everyone forgets about is as racing bibs. While we might not think about those numbers every runner has on, they're just as vital as any filing system. And while there are a lot of options for keeping track of who is in the race, Tyvek bibs have certain advantages that cannot be ignored.

Advantage #1: Durability

As Bong points out, Tyvek is extremely tough. That's why it's used to cover houses during construction. Tyvek resists wear, tear, and even fading, making it ideal for items that are meant to be used over and over. Races that take place at the same time every year will find that a valuable quality, since it means they won't have to replace the bibs every time race day comes around.

Advantage #2: Customization

Tyvek comes in all shapes and sizes, but what's even better is that it can be colored and cut to your specifications. So whether you just want basic numbers in a simple font, or you want to have something a little more eye-catching for your runners to wear, a Tyvek bib can easily fulfill your needs.

Advantage #3: Completely Recyclable

Unlike other materials that can be used for race bibs, when Tyvek reaches the end of its life all you have to do is drop it in the recycle bin. No muss, no fuss, and no wasted space in the local landfill.


(image from IRONMAN®)

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