Apps to Enhance Your Virtual Race



As COVID-19 continues to present challenges for event organizers and their participants, creativity and innovative thinking are important for creating unique and memorable race day experiences.


One idea towards addressing this is to consider incorporating the use of mobile phone apps into virtual events. Below are some apps that could be a great way for race participants to feel more connected with their event and others, for an event that truly stands out.



If you're looking for the applause, cheers, and words of encouragement missing in your virtual event look no further than this app. Race participants can invite friends and family to record messages for their upcoming events by sharing the event on social media or by email. Motigo will later play these personalized audio messages over the runner's headphones at pre-determined mile markers using GPS during their race. Get Motigo here.






This app is a popular platform for meetings and various other hangouts, including your virtual race events. Consider scheduling a meet-up at the virtual starting and finishing lines to encourage, motivate, and celebrate. This app is a great way for people to feel connected and involved even when they can't be in the same place at once. Get Zoom here.




This mobile app is specifically designed for race enthusiasts and organizers looking for a complete package with something for everybody. Included in the robust variety of options for your virtual event are features such as personalized audio and text messaging, live social media updates, race day results, photo sharing, real-time tracking, GPS-based progress alerts, and more. Get RaceJoy here.



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