3 Big Challenges of Organizing a Running Race and How to Solve Them


Organizing a race can be a challenge, but it's also a very rewarding experience. Below are three of the most common challenges faced by race directors when planning an event and tips on how to make yours a success.

1. Finding a Location

Finding a great location is the most important aspect of planning a race. Try to choose an area that's relatively close to where most of your runners live. Once you've narrowed your choice down to a particular city, talk with the local government officials for advice on the best area to hold the race and advice on how to get permits. Contact nearby hotels to see if they will accommodate your runners or offer special discounts or incentives.

2. Advertising the Race

Publicity and advertisement is critical, since you need people to show up. Before you spend money advertising the race, think about your target market. What's the best way to reach them? What will get their attention? Do they spend most of their time online using social media platforms? Or do they spend most of their time watching TV? If your race is associated with a charity you can ask them to promote the event. You can also do cross-promotional events at other events who are targeting a similar audience.

3. Ordering Merchandise

Another challenge you will face is having enough merchandise to meet the demand. Set a cutoff date for early registration so you can get an idea of how many medals and awards certificates you should order beforehand. Always order extras for those who register the day of the event! Utilize Boulder Bibs' custom race bibs to help distribution go more smoothly. A simple t-shirt redemption tag customized with each participant's size choice will save your volunteers time and ensure a quick check-in process for all. Bib tags are also useful for food and drink distribution or sponsorship coupons.

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