Custom Race Bibs: Taking Your Event to the Next Level


Planning and preparation are critical to the success of a race.

Every little detail matters and the quality of each component affects the entire event. A custom designed race bib gives your race a professional look that participants and sponsors will notice! Custom bibs are ideal for attracting sponsors and getting repeat racers at your events. Race bibs are the central component of your event; add cohesion to your overall race theme with bibs to match!

The days of a plain white bib with black number are in the past.

These days your race number is more than a way to distinguish individuals for timing; bibs now incorporate the entire look and feel of your race into one small wearable piece. This includes your sponsors, your cause, and the theme of the race, as well as logistics such as bag check tags, emergency contact information, and wave designation. After your event, bibs become a souvenir that racers hang on their wall with pride. Boulder Bibs' custom designed race bibs give you the creative opportunity to take your race to the next level!

Boulder Bibs' race number is customizable in dimension, color, design, and even material.

The possibilities are endless, which allows you to wow your participants each and every time. By incorporating your logo, sponsors, and theme your event takes on a more professional look (even if you're a first-time planner of an inaugural event). Our custom, colorful bibs are sure to wow sponsors too! We work hard to ensure your sponsors are happy with their logo size, placement, and colors, increasing your potential for revenue.


(photo from The Great Candy Run)

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