How Custom Designed Bibs do More


When planning for race day, there are so many items to be completed on the checklist of a race director. After key components like location and time, one very important detail is race bibs. They may seem trivial but having a well-designed race bib can have a big impact on the success of the race and also impact future races.

Having custom designed race bibs help send the message to sponsors and participants alike that your race is the real deal. Bibs that are professional and trendy in both quality and appearance make it easy for companies to want to get involved. Custom race bibs could enhance your race in the following ways:

  • Boost attendance by participants
  • Boost sponsorship from companies (especially if the promotion of their company occurs on the race bib and other promotional materials)
  • More engagement from sponsors (they could encourage their employees to participate, donate, and/or volunteer)
  • Differentiate your race from others in your area

At Boulder Bibs:

Two graphic designers work in-house to create custom bib designs for each race. In addition, we offer bike and helmet bibs, designs for other promotional materials such as brochures, postcards and fliers, and oval stickers. The coordination of matching promotional materials and race bibs creates a lasting impression on sponsors and participants. Boulder Bibs can be a one-stop shop for designing everything to meet your event's marketing needs.

If you are involved in coordinating an event, fill out our contact form and see what Boulder Bibs can do to help you plan a successful race.

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