How to Choose the Best Material Type for Your Endurance Racing Event

Boulder Bibs offer 3 papers to choose from for your race bibs, each with its own unique qualities. We created this guide with photograph comparisons to help you choose the best paper for your race needs!

Our Paper Options

Boulder Bibs Material Standard

Our standard paper is a fan favorite! This option has a soft feel with no texture, it is slightly more rigid & heavier than Tyvek®.

Boulder Bibs Material Tyvek

Tyvek® is made from high-density spunbound polyethylene fibers making it more textured than our standard material. It has a brushed, opal white appearance.

Boulder Bibs Material Fusion

Our Upgrade bib material is the heaviest, most rigid option. It has a matte finish and more prominent texture.

Quality Comparisons

Material Comparison Standard v Tyvek

For the best quality full-color print we recommend our Standard paper, followed by Tyvek®. Both of these options pick up all colors well and remain vibrant.

Material Comparison Tyvek v Fusion

Our Upgrade paper tends to print less vibrant with more dulled down colors. The white paper fibers will show though darker printed colors like the black and brown in this image.

Material Comparison Black
Material Comparison Color

When comparing color printing across the three paper types, our Standard option provides the most vibrant color spectrum and true deep blacks.

Please note that the colors on the bibs in these photographs are not all the same and are meant to serve as a representation of the print quality.

Tear Test

To test durability, we intentionally attempted to tear our papers and these are the results!

Boulder Bibs Material Tear Test

Standard ripped approximately .25" and could not be torn further, Tyvek® showed some stress but would not tear, and Upgrade could be torn with a little extra effort. All three of our papers hold up well under standard racing conditions.

Full Comparison Chart

Standard Tyvek Upgrade
Paper Texture Pure white color, soft to the touch
Slightly more rigid & heavier than Tyvek
An iridescent, opal white brushed appearance
Lightest weight
Pure white color, rougher texture
Heaviest & most rigid
Matte finish
Color Print Quality High quality print across the color spectrum
Most vibrant and true color representation
High quality print across the color spectrum
Slightly less vibrant due to paper texture
Medium quality print across the color spectrum with lower quality dark colors
Least vibrant
Water Resistance Water beads and does not absorb
Paper becomes more supple but drys back to original state
Water beads and does not absorb
Paper drys back to original state
Water beads and does not absorb
Paper drys back to original state faster than others
Tear Resistance 90% - can tear approximately 0.25 in 100% - cannot tear when trying 0% - when intentionally trying to rip, paper will tear
Crumple Resistance Stays crumpled but flattens easily
Creases appear white in places
Stays crumpled but flattens easily
Creases do not affect print
Does not stay crumpled in a ball but does not flatten back as easily
Creases do not affect print

Our Clients' Picks

Standard is a fan favorite and was our main bib paper for years before we added Tyvek®; standard is used for The BOLDERBoulder. Tyvek® is popular for obstacle races and longer events like The Buck Fifty. Upgrade is the paper IRONMAN® uses and several other triathlons prefer this option.

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