Get Out There with Ryan Van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer is an outdoor-loving adventure journalist and YouTube vlogger from Boulder, Colorado. He has traveled the world on foot and by bicycle with appearances on the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV, and Men's Journal. He is the host of the new adventure series Out There, now streaming on Amazon.

We spoke with him about how he's been staying happy and healthy during the pandemic.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted your race event plans this year?

A: I luckily snuck in one race before everything shut down, the Caballo Blanco 50 in Mexico. Everything else is kaput though, I'm really bummed about the Bolder Boulder, I've been running that race since I was 6 years old.

Q: Many events that haven't postponed or been cancelled are going virtual this year. What virtual races do you plan to participate in?

A: I've participated in an unofficial virtual Boston Marathon with my friend Scott, we ran 26.2 miles on short one mile laps around his neighborhood. I also did the virtual Bolder Boulder.

Q: In what ways have you modified or changed up your typical training routine?

A: I'm still running and biking as much as usual, getting outdoors has been CRUCIAL to my well-being.

Q: What advice can you offer to those who are missing their favorite annual race events and the festivities and community engagement that make them so special?

A: Missing races and the community aspect of events is a bummer, but my advice is to be grateful that we're all happy and healthy, and whenever we do get to race again, it'll feel incredible!!

Q: How are you staying motivated and working towards fitness goals and what can others do who are finding that more difficult lately?

A: I'm motivated by simply getting outside. For me, running up a mountain is therapy! I have a few bikepacking adventures planned this summer, and I'm excited to have something to look forward to. That's my advice, plan something to look forward to, it can be big or small, just get out there!

Q: What single race are you most looking forward to when events can safely return?

A: I really hope that the Javelina Jundred happens in late October, that race is magical. I love the desert. If that doesn't happen, I plan on running the White Rim trail with a friend.


Watch Ryan in Out There and follow all his other adventures on YouTube and Instagram.

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