Making Your Bib a Participant Keepsake


When your event staff distributes bibs to runners at the start of a race they aren't just handing out an identification number; they are, in fact, handing over a souvenir of the day to a person who may cherish it forever. Why not make sure that race bib truly is a keepsake and something to treasure?

Participating in a race can mean different things to different people. Some runners are old pros and have covered many, many miles in their sneakers. They may have a box stuffed full of old bibs that they browse through on occasion. For others, this may be their very first race, a day they've agonized over and dreamed about for a long time. After months of preparation leading up to this exciting day, whether they walk, crawl or run across the finish line their race bib is proof that they accomplished something great.

Most race bibs contain similar basic information such as the runner's number, group, name and event details. Ordering custom bibs with a design that is unique to your race is what creates a true keepsake. This piece of paper will continue to bring back great memories every time the runner looks at it. The best part about choosing custom bibs is you can design a race number that serves its main function of runner identification as well as acting as a memento.

Custom bibs also allow you to honor your sponsors by integrating their names and logos into the design. Better looking bibs provide a higher return on investment for your sponsors since more participants are likely to keep the bib and display it proudly. This provides additional advertising value for them as well as a great selling opportunity for your event. Unique bib designs ensure happy sponsors who will continue to support your event year after year.

If you aren't fully confident in your design ability, there is no need to worry! Boulder Bibs offers free bib design so that together, you can create those custom bibs that will become a keepsake for your participants.

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