The Runner's Bib: Much More than a Slip of Paper


There's something indescribably special about race day. You wake up giddy with excitement. You eat the best breakfast for stamina and energy. You lace up your lucky shoes multiple times before getting just the right amount of snugness. You look in the mirror and give yourself the ultimate pep talk. You're ready to go.

At the event, the volunteers treat you like the champion you are as you approach the registration table. With smiles and encouraging words, they hand over your t-shirt, a few safety pins and the all-important bib.

Boulder Bibs, more than a race number!

Of course, the function of the runner's bib is obvious: keep track of each participant so that times can be recorded and winners can be named. Additionally, bibs offer a great space for advertising and sponsorship, ensuring that the race will be held year after year. In terms of safety, bibs allow race officials to easily identify runners in distress and account for all participants.

But there is another reason the bib is so crucial to race day, and it's purely sentimental. For, when you get home from your big day, still reeling from the event and enjoying the physical fatigue of your hard work, the bib is the perfect reminder of your accomplishment.

There are many ways to memorialize the race bib. Some hang them on the wall next to ribbons or medals, scrapbook them along with pictures and other small objects like parking stubs and wristbands from the event, others get even more creative by weaving multiple runner's bibs into a quilt or purse.

Overall, the runner's bib is the single-most iconic part of any race or event, necessary for its function and loved for its symbolism. Give your participants their soon-to-be favorite bib at your next event with Boulder Bibs!

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