Tyvek Race Bibs: Built to Last


Marathons and races are famous for the grueling level of skill and energy they require. These events take place in many types of weather conditions, both sunny and stormy. Although athletes may withstand these miserable conditions and achieve great success, their running equipment isn't always so lucky. Clothes and shoes must be carefully selected beforehand to ensure that they last the race's duration.

Similarly, when it comes to keeping a race safe and organized, officials must ensure that each athlete's racing bib is also built to last. If this vital piece of equipment is lost, damaged, or even unreadable chaos and potential safety hazards can occur. In order for a race to proceed smoothly, choose durable, long-lasting racing bibs such as those designed from Tyvek.


What is Tyvek?

This tough, plastic-like product works great with any type of graphic-related project, especially running bibs. In addition to being completely water, mold, and chemical-proof, it is also extremely light, allowing runners to move freely. It comes in many forms including bibs, bracelets, tags, and bike helmet stickers. Each product can be synchronized with a timing chip system to ensure accurate racing times for every participant. This product is also highly customizable; a wide variety of patterns, number, words, and designs can be featured, making this the optimal choice for any racing event.

There is nothing worse than hosting a race or marathon and realizing too late that your racing bibs won't make it to the end. Cheaper, less durable models will fail the runners. Disappointment and emotion will run high if inaccurate times are gathered or chaos prevails. Take time today and invest in the best tool to keep your event organized. Tyvek racing products never disappoint. They are the first and best tool to choose when planning your next event.


The Boulder Bibs Team

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