What is Girls on the Run?


Girls on the Run is an organization that is inspiring young ladies everywhere to adopt a can-do attitude, recognize their self-worth and develop life-long healthy-living skills all while training to complete a 5K. The challenge of running helps these girls to realize they are capable of achieving greatness even in the face of difficulty.

Partnering with schools in all 50 states, Girls on the Run focuses on the hearts and minds of girls in the third through eighth grade. The idea is to inspire young ladies to dream big and to realize they hold the keys to endless possibilities. By erasing their preconceived limits, Girls on the Run helps these young women to see all the ways they can be remarkable by encouraging them to dig deep and reach for what they want to accomplish.

How does it work? 

By integrating running, and the accomplishment that comes along with completing a 5k, with curriculum designed to foster independence, confidence and self-esteem, Girls on the Run turns each running season into a powerful learning experience for the girls.

Each 12-week season helps the girls to train to complete a 5k. The ladies set short term running goals each week so they can see their progress and strength grow in small steps. Ultimately, they can run, walk, dance or even cartwheel to the finish line to accomplish their goals.

In addition to running, their coaches lead discussion about common things that young girls will face on their way to adulthood. Everything from bullying, to healthy eating, to career choices are brought up in an engaging and fun curriculum that allows each girl to participate in class. This gives the girls a chance to voice their opinion to their peers and discuss things that are important to them in a safe and encouraging environment.

At the end of the 12-week course, girls are ready to run their 5k. As they finally cross the 5K finish line after weeks of intensive training, they feel like they have accomplished a difficult task, and are thus more prepared to handle the next thing life brings to their plate. The 5k is generally a huge, city-wide celebration of their achievement complete with professional style running bibs and a route lined with encouraging, cheering fans. The girls feel empowered as they rise to the challenge of completing their race.

The end result? 

Strong, happy girls who know they can reach their dreams.

The Boulder Bibs Team

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