What Makes a Great Race Bib Provider

Organizing a successful endurance event like a 5K or marathon takes a lot of planning. Mapping a route, acquiring city approval, signing sponsors, marketing to participants, sourcing swag, organizing timing, and don't forget the race bibs--it's a lot to juggle and can be overwhelming!

Finding the right partners to help along the way is half the battle; you need to be able to entrust that your race materials are high quality, arrive on time, and meet your event's logistical needs.

We'll admit we certainly don't know everything about planning a running event. But when it comes to bibs and swag--we have a good handle on those. Let's look at the qualities you as a race organizer should be looking for in a running bib provider and why Boulder Bibs is the best choice in the industry.

Qualities to Look for in a Race Bib Provider

Any bib provider will be able to give your event the basics, numbers on a piece of paper, but a top of the line partner will offer so much more:

  • Easy Ordering Process - Online shopping is here to stay & we believe you should be able to complete the bib ordering process entirely online, whenever you want.
  • High-Quality Custom Designs - Full-color, custom-designed bibs are a must for cohesive branding and smiling participants.
  • Variable Data Flexibility - The more your bib can do logistically, the better. A bib provider that can leverage your participant data to its maximum potential is invaluable on race day to streamline processes. (Think beer coupons and sponsor logos for individuals 21+ and soda for everyone else)
  • Dedicated Account Manager - A singular, dedicated account manager following your order from start to finish ensures proper quality control and a more personal experience.
  • Reliable Shipping - Multiple shipping provider options with automated updates empowers you to choose and stay informed about your order once it's left our hands.  
  • Industry Partnerships - Unsure of the best places to source other race materials? Your bib provider should be able to recommend the best option for your needs.

What Sets Boulder Bibs Even Further Apart

Boulder Bibs has been in the endurance event industry for over ten years, and we started big--our first client was the third largest running race in the United States, BOLDERBoulder. We haven't slowed down since; we're proud to have continued to partner with incredible events like IRONMANTough Mudder, and Girls on the Run

Just a few of the happy clients we've served over the years


To handle events of this size and rapport, we invest in leading production technology that enables us to print and fulfill large orders quickly, even during peak seasons. We ship standard orders from our facility in size-efficient boxes with bibs shrink-wrapped in sets of 500 for easy handling. We also offer a variety of shipping alternatives; digital files perfect for virtual events and direct to participant mailers with householding so runners living at the same address will be combined into one mailing, saving on shipping costs!

This quantity of bib production requires a killer support team, which is why we employ a full-time fulfillment crew. They handle everything: packaging orders and performing other ad-hoc services such as timing tag application, t-shirt folding, and race packet kitting.

In addition to our printing and shipping capabilities, we partner with other leaders in the industry for a one-stop shopping experience, allowing you to source your bibs, medals, awards, and other race swag all in one place.

A Deeper Look at How Our Service Options Work

We've covered what makes a top-tier bib provider and some of the services Boulder Bibs offers that sets us apart; now, let's take a deeper dive into how we've helped one of our awesome clients!

Meet North 40 Supply Co, a local company that provides production and design services for events with a heavy emphasis on branding. North 40 Supply (North 40) works directly with events to curate cohesive merchandise collections. We began partnering with North 40 at the beginning of 2020 to service their race clientele. A typical event includes custom race bibs--our specialty--and themed garments and medals for all participants. 

Before partnering with Boulder Bibs, North 40 was completing the brunt of their work internally, and it was proving to be a time suck. Their team needed a streamlined, efficient outsource solution for national series race promotion so they could shift focus back to event planning. 

Our North 40 solution includes:

  • Large scale, domestic bib production at a great price--we've printed nearly 180,000 race bibs for North 40 events so far in 2020.
  • Packeting of race kits, including t-shirts, medals, and other promotional items.
  • Shipping and handling, both directly to participants as race packets and in bulk pallets back to North 40.

Solutions for Events of All Sizes

We've established that we regularly handle large-scale events, but what about the smaller ones? The best part about Boulder Bibs' services is they're tailored and priced to match your needs. We're not a one size fits all solution here, and we put the same degree of dedication into events with 250 participants as we do for those with 25,000! 

Curious about how Boulder Bibs' services can support your next event? Email us or reach out on one of our social channels, and we'll be happy to help!

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