What Is Running USA?


Running USA is a non-profit advocacy group for all the different businesses and associations that support running in America. The group specifically focuses on running as a competitive sport, doing things like creating athlete development programs, helping to create training centers and hosting an annual industry conference.

A Brief History of Running USA

Running USA was founded in 1999. Faced with declining interest and training opportunities for distance running in America, the organization's first major effort was to create the Team USA Distance Running program in partnership with USA Track & Field in 2000. This led in turn to the creation of five new training centers for Olympic runners throughout the country over the course of the next four years. The annual Running USA Industry Conference was also established in 2004 and has grown to become a premier industry event.

Benefits of Running USA Membership

Running USA offers an annual membership and has three different tiers of benefits. All tiers enjoy discounted member pricing for the annual Running USA Industry Conference and a number of other industry conferences, access to their members-only online library of multimedia content, and the ability to post jobs on the Running USA website. All members also get a membership pin.

The "contributing member" tier adds the ability to share up to six social media posts each year through the organization's official channels, a feature article in one weekly newsletter each year, priority publishing of press releases and news items, and the ability to add your own content to the Running USA online library.

The highest tier, "foundation member", adds the ability to share 12 social media posts each year, one item of co-branded content, a feature story on the Running USA website and expedited registration credentials for the annual conference.


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